Friday, 28 December 2007

Don't shake please!

It could be about a stranger that you might have to be in contact just for a short time or a relative or a friend or it could be about yourself. I’m talking about different crucial concerns that every body usually carries a number of them with him/herself. In fact, they’re too sensitive to be mentioned and touched in any sort of shape by others around.
Like if a person is so alert to the matter of money it will be like a suicide to say some words that mention you’ve spent some on an occasion- maybe carelessly or maybe not- then you should not be surprised to see your financial attitude is going to be judged for your entire life by this person.
Or if a person has some doubts about her/his married life, you could be gotten easily wrong by describing the experience of having a great partner as it might seem you’re pointing out something that you have and the other person doesn’t and you could be the one to blame for being such a sloppy buddy.
Or for some people if they’re member of in-laws, it’s better to move their mouth for just the smile or agreement with one another sometimes. Because whatever they say might poke those sensitive points and make another member uncomfortable. As they’re carrying this special title with them, most of their words will pass through this permanent identification, which is doing its job exactly like a filter. Well, Mother Nature might be to blame this time! ;-).
…It doesn’t seem much fascinating to become famous as someone with whom others should be conservative. The whole concept is like the state of an old woman who cannot stay up longer than early evening and she regularly misses all her children and grandchildren get-togethers at nights and cannot stand their voices either. It’s true, it’s her condition and it’s unfortunate.
The fear of causing misery or getting hurt has one ultimate result: Distance

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